Living with Lap Band

We has developed a bariatric surgery program employing the LAB-BAND® system in combination with medical management and behavioral health care to ensure your weight loss and improved health. Each patient undergoing LAB-BAND® surgery is assigned a patient coordinator who will guide you through all aspects of your preoperative, surgery, and post operative care. This guidance includes scheduling all required laboratory and imaging tests, patient education regarding the LAP-BAND® surgery, and counseling and support after surgery. 

Each patient receives a LAP-BAND® weight loss manual containing important information that will help you reach your weight loss goals. Food diaries, food plans, exercise information and pre and post surgery dietary instructions are included in our weight loss manual.

Living with LAP-BAND® surgery results in significant weight loss, improved health, improved self image, skyrocketing confidence, increased energy, improved mood, and an overall zest for life. These changes are not always easy to deal with and your patient coordinator and behavioral health care specialist will be available to guide and counsel you with your adaptation to these changes.

Once the LAP BAND® is surgically implanted; maximum weight loss will be achieved by following your individually tailored diet and exercise plans.

Further, your LAP BAND® will be adjusted to ensure comfortable optimal food restriction for continuous long term weight loss. Adjustments are made to either tighten or loosen the band. Saline is injected into the port to tighten the band or saline is removed through the port to loosen the band. For example, if you begin to lose the sensation of fullness when complying with your diet plan, you will require an adjustment to tighten your band. If you become pregnant we will loosen the band so more nutrition will be available for you and your baby.

Even though LAP BAND® is the only reversible weight loss surgery, candidates should consider the gastric banding as being permanent. If absolutely necessary we will remove the LAP BAND®, but you should not proceed with the surgery if Living with the LAP BAND® is not consistent with your health and weight loss goals.

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"I learned about LAP-BAND® after interviewing a bariatric surgeon about it on our show, and decided that this was the route I wanted to take. I lost the 50 pounds I had been battling since I had my two children and I have kept it off for six years. Compared to work required by constant dieting, I found LAP-BAND® to be a less stressful way to get healthy and down to a weight that makes me feel comfortable and confident on the air and in my personal life."

"I chose LAP-BAND® because I knew it would help me lose weight, change my behaviors, and keep the weight off for the long term. I have lost 120 lbs and I am healthier than ever!"

"Quick service. Easy appointment setting. Great deal on the cost. Everyone is very nice and helpful. Truly the best in the business when it comes to explaining the lap band procedure in Los Angeles and doing it!"