Brooke's Lap Band Surgery Story

Brooke's Story

Brooke, Female

Weight Lost:

160 lbs.

was tired of living life at 292 lbs. I had temporary success with other weight-loss methods, but none of them worked long-term. I have a little boy, and I did not want to embarrass him one day by being the "fat mom". There were health risks involved with my weight, too, that scared me.I wanted to be around to enjoy him growing up,to see him graduate and get married.

I wanted to be healthy, and I wanted the woman on the outside to match the one on the inside. As a nurse, I researched as much as I could on weight loss surgery. I loved the fact that the LAP-BAND® was the safest surgery available and that it was adjustable. I have lost 160 lbs since my surgery, I’m healthy, happy and loving my life. And I have to admit... I really love the way I look, too!

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