Holly's Lap Band Surgery Story

Holly's Story

Holly, Female

Weight Lost:

130 lbs.

Holly has a passion for roller coasters and amusement parks. She had stood patiently in line with her children (and dozens of other fans) to get on that brand new ride in the front row. Holly remembers, "I was devastated and humiliated when I was turned away because I couldn't fit into the seat. At that moment, that very moment, I made a life-altering decision. I will do something about my weight, regardless of how much money it costs, how much time it takes or what the personal sacrifices are!". Holly had fought her weight her whole life — members of her immediate family had suffered and died from the complications of obesity and she was afraid of the same fate. "I've been on every diet and program ever invented," she says. "They all worked, I made my goal weight every time, just to gain it back".

But this time was different. She knew she needed something else. Holly did a lot of research online, went to a seminar, and found a great surgeon who also had a LAP-BAND® System implanted. In October 2004, she made the decision to have the LAP-BAND® System surgery. "I happened to be speaking with someone at my insurance company, and somehow we got to talking about weight loss — she actually told me that I might be eligible for LAP-BAND®. Gastric bypass was not even an option for me, it was way too drastic, so I was just waiting for some kind of miracle to happen, and it was LAP-BAND® System!" That day at the amusement park changed her life. Holly says, "After four children and countless years of self-esteem issues, I had my grand revelation while watching others ride my roller coaster. I deserve to feel good about myself, I deserve to be healthy, and I deserve to ride in the front seat of the roller coaster! I will do something and I will do it NOW!" How does she feel now that she is living successfully with LAP-BAND®? "Well, over 100 pounds later, I can say there are benefits too numerous to count. I am healthier, I walk taller, I have an increased self-esteem, I can play on the floor with my kids without needing assistance to get up and best of all — I can ride in the front seat of any roller coaster I want!".

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