Alan's Lap Band Surgery Story

Alan's Story

Alan, Age 49, Male

Weight Lost:

133 lbs. Pre-Op Comorbidities:

Type II Diabetes

Being overweight most of my adult life, I thought I had grown comfortable with my size, but as the years went by, my body became a burden. At 345 lbs, I had developed Type II diabetes. As a result, I had to take medication four times a day and developed diabetic neuropathy in my fingers and feet. 

My doctors told me that any quality of life would only last for the next 8-10 years — all because of my weight. My only option was permanent weight loss. Because the LAP-BAND® is a less invasive surgery I had a small recovery time and experienced little discomfort. It’s the best investment I ever made. A year and a half later I went from 345 lbs to 212 lbs — I lost 133 lbs! I don’t have to take any medication for diabetes anymore. Because of my weight loss with the LAP-BAND® I am now able to live life again, instead of just existing. As one of my LAP-BAND® friends said, "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels”.

I had such a great experience at Beverly Hills Physicians. The doctor gave me his cell phone number and I would be able to ask him questions day or night and he would always get back to me. 

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