Lisa's Lap Band Surgery Story

Lisa's Story

Lisa, Female

Weight Lost:

140 lbs. Pre-Op Comorbidities:


High Blood Pressure

Joint Problems

In struggling with my weight my whole life, I managed to diet my way to over 300 lbs. And that was with every combination of diet and exercise program around! At that weight, life was a constant struggle and I was very worried about my health. Even though I was young, I had high blood pressure, was borderline diabetic and suffered from constant lower back pain.

I discovered the LAP-BAND® System on the Internet. Once I went to the patient seminar and got all the information, I immediately knew it was right for me. Since my LAP-BAND® surgery, I no longer have high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels or lower back pain. The LAP-BAND® has been the tool that I needed to be successful at losing weight!.

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